The Importance of the PCI DSS: Why You Should Get Compliant

Data breaches have only increased in the recent past. Although security systems are getting better and better, hackers and other causes for data breaches are getting more proficient too. The rules and alterations to the PCI DSS are a consequence of the requirement to curb a data breach related to card use for payments. Unfortunately, several companies believe that alignment with PCI compliance is a tedious chore, but there are benefits to being compliant.

The Definition of PCI Compliance

Before you understand the relevance of PCI DSS, you should know its meaning. A written standard, developed for the standardization of card payments, is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, or PCI DSS. The standardization system, created by pivotal card brands, aims at the safeguarding of payment card details and data.

Certain technical mechanisms protect the data in payment cards, ensuring a user’s safety. The level of payment card security extends to processing and handling, and storage and transmission of all payment cards. This has benefits for card companies and users, and major brands of payment cards use this as their USP in broadening customer bases.

The Protection of Official Data

A data breach is a common phenomenon in the digital age we live in. The only way to get around this is to have particular compliance systems in place to protect data. In case you have a company, business data must be secure, and that of employees also.

Protecting information in a digital domain is a challenging aspect of any business today. Malware threats are hard to ignore, not to mention attacks via remote-access, plus social engineering. In this regard, networks and computers need to be secure at all times.

Server protection is also necessary. The main purpose that it serves is to keep card details safe from theft and hacking. If an organization is compliant with PCI DSS regulatory system, then employees and clients/customers have assurances of the prevention of data breaches.

Customer Confidence Boosted

The fear of a data breach is not something any customer wants to experience. Clients do not select to deal with companies that cannot ensure the security of data, especially payment card data. A company’s credibility depends a lot on the confidence of customers.

Whether relevant to a credit card company or any other company connected to card payments, customer confidence can make or break a business. With PCI DSS, any company is assured of protection from data breaches. These can be costly, physically, as well as to the brand of any business. In fact, two-thirds of adults in the United States of America would not revisit any business that had suffered a data breach.

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The Security of Clients

When clients trust a business with their card information as they conduct transactions with confidence, the last thing you want is a data breach. Unfortunately, if you have no compliance to fall back on, and a data breach occurs, you may lose a client and your business.

The responsibility of any business, with best practices in view, is to secure customers’ details. In case you fail in this endeavor, as a company, you are liable for harsh fines and penalties, besides lawsuits. Additionally, if you have incorrectly assured clients that their data is secure, you are liable to be in more trouble than you imagine.

The Provision of a Safety Standard

Any company should possess a baseline of requirements for standardization of data protection. PCI DSS provides this. This aids in starting off a security program which is crucial for the company to function. Several organizations face a challenge of where and how to start where information protection is concerned.

Simply keeping your devices and paperwork under lock and key is not enough. The cyber world is rife with data breaches and since everything is stored digitally, the chances of a data breach are high. The PCI DSS stipulates certain requirements that must be fulfilled by organizations to keep data safe.

Save Your Company and Your Customers

A data breach is all too common in any organization. If you are the head of one or own one, you are far from secure if you are non-compliant. The costs of any breach can have you monetarily insolvent with not much respite in terms of losing your credibility and branding. For any company to succeed and grow, customer trust is of the essence, and this means that customers’ trust should develop. 

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